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Kathy Barnett, Publisher

We received the sweetest emails, like this one! Thank you Jordan and Kim for being our biggest fan!

Hello Kathy,

My name is Kim Davis. I am writing in regards to possibly being put on a monthly mailing list (if you have one) where you can send me your magazine/brochure when they are printed each month starting with the May 2020 issue.

My son Jordan who has severe autism and is non verbal is obsessed with your little brochure and we constantly have to go running around to different places trying to find them. It's not an easy task with my son especially if they do not have any so I was hoping mailing one to me each month is possible. Believe me, if my son is obsessed with something it definitely is a compliment. 

I know you have it online where I can print it off but unfortunately that does not satisfy Jordan. He likes the touch and feel of the magazine. It's amazing how he goes through each page thoroughly checking out the pictures and all the different information you provide.

 I did leave a message on the voicemail at the office but with the world being the way it is right now I'm not sure if your office is even open so hence why I emailed as well.

 Thank you for any help you can give. It's truly appreciated,

 Kim Davis





[Independent Schools] 14th RIISE Fall Boutique Recruitment Event



Blue Back Mitten Run

In a new business it is really hard to tell where best to invest your advertising dollar.
My business was just one year old and in that first year I wasted thousands of dollars advertising in the wrong media. Newspapers and mailers just didn't get it done - very poor response with one and none on the other. TV is probably the best, but who can afford to spend the 5 grand to get started?
Then, while sitting in a medical office, I happened to pick up this publication. It seemed like it might be worth a try, so I called for prices. At first I thought it was just a bit high, but looking back on what I had spent, I decided to try the shortest term that was offered to advertise. By the second month, because the response was so good, I signed on for the whole year and have stayed on ever since.
Folks come in to my store and say "That is the magazine where I read of your store. Glad it was in there. We were looking for something different to do."
Finally! Some advertising that actually works. Thanks Barb and the whole team at Connecticut Kids & Family!

Pete Ogle - Owner
Lucky 33 Gemstone Flume Mine
1353 Boston Post Rd., Old Saybrook, CT