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This Is the Dreidel

This Is the Dreidel By Abby Levine, Illustrated By Paige Billin-Fry, Ages 4-7

Main character Max and his family of four celebrate the eight night of Hanukkah! This story revolves around the Jewish holiday, teaching the many well known traditions with the use of witty rhyming and adoring characters.

Max polishes and shines the menorah while his helpful, younger sister arranges the vibrant candles- reds and yellows and purples and blues. The sun sinks low and they know it is time to start! Adding one candle to the menorah, Max shares a blessing with the family. Gifts are exchanged lighting up the children’s grateful faces. Mother prepares latkes for the guests as they anticipate the arrival of their loving relatives. The story comes to a close with stories shared by Grandpa, a family sing-along, and of course the children’s favorite game, dreidel dreidel dreidel.

                Not only does This Is the Dreidel inform young readers of their Jewish religion and enjoyable traditions, but it also includes a glossary to look back on. The last few pages are dedicated for definitions of words they might not be familiar with, but will soon! (Ex: Dreidel, Latkes, Pushke)

 I recommend this