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Roly-Poly Egg by Kali Stileman, Ages 2-5
  • Hardcover, 32 pages.
  • Ages 2-5

Splotch lays a spotted egg! Follow Splotch, a small, red, soon-to-be mother bird, on her unpredictable journey through the jungle. Her vibrant, multi-colored egg escapes from her sight when she bounces from excitement and wobbles the branch. This story is a journey of the many places Splotch and her precious, spotted egg find themselves on the way to safety; even rolling down a giraffe's neck! The reader is introduced to a variety of safari animals. The chase for the Splotch's darling egg comes to a close when you arrive at an interactive page. Lift the flaps to hatch the egg and discover Splotch's baby bird!

This story teaches children the unconditional love a mother has for her baby and the many obstacles a parent will go through to keep their child safe and sound. The young reader is also introduced to a variety of safari animals to familiarize their young mind to the blossoming, jungle world.

The artwork of the book, also by Kali Stileman, is a one of a kind creation made up of energetic color and unusual brush strokes, assembling the shape of the animals. Roly-Poly Egg is full of life from cover to close.

This is a wonderful story time selection for young children. Suggestion: Organize an activity to have the children use their imagination and create their own baby bird/egg design with crayons/ markers/ paints.

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