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Chloe Instead, By Micah Player, Ages 4-6

If this isn't a girly girl book, I don't know what is! From cover to close to the heartwarming message inside, this bright, striped book will surely catch your little one's attention.

Molly hoped for a little sister, but when her wish came true, she was taken by surprise. Molly wished for a sister who was just like her, but Chloe wasn't exactly what she had in mind.

Molly loved to color with her crayons, Chloe thought they were delicious. Molly loved to read, Chloe loved to rip them. Molly wasn't pleased with sharing her house, until she discovered their passion for something in common. This is a humorous and touching tale portraying the importance of sibling love.

"I'm glad I didn't get a little sister who was just like me.
Because I got Chloe...

Not only does this story leave the reader with a warm feeling and heartfelt message, the pages are also crafted with uplifting colors and energy. Glossy sheets with wonderfully drawn detail.

Hardcover; 32 pages.

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