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Book of Big Brothers by Cary Fagan, Ages 3-7

"Sometimes we get along and sometimes we don't. But there are still a lot of things we want to do together." Never sentimental, the warm, wry scenarios in this picture book explore sibling relationships from a younger child's viewpoint that speaks about the shared fun and the friction, the rivalry, the protection, and the love. Each double-page spread is a stand-alone story, with detailed words and lots of action and emotion in the digital art. The big brothers comfort the narrator after he accidentally kills his pet lizard, but they also play tricks on him. They get in trouble together after they throw firecrackers into a hollow tree in a neighbor's yard, and the boy loves it when he and his brothers share secrets. But sometimes the youngest brother isn't ready to join his older siblings in activities and conversations: he does not want to listen when his parents explain where babies come from, for example; he would rather build a robot out of blocks. The familiar family scenes will grab brothers and sisters, older and younger.
Ages 3-7