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What is the Correct Portion Size?

Last week my family picked up some Chinese take out.  When I opened up the container for what I ordered, I have never seen so much rice in my life!  Good grief, do they really expect you to eat all that?  This lead me to thinking that I probably had about 5 servings of rice in that one order.  No wonder there is such a problem with obesity in America.  Not to mention, your kids are getting these big portions too!


Below are some good “rules of thumb” on typical portion sizes.


Meat, Poultry - Palm of Hand/iPod Classic  = 3 oz.

Cheese – Matchbox

Pancake or Waffle – CD or DVD

Pasta – Ice Cream Scoop

Baked potato – Computer Mouse

Fish – Checkbook = 3 oz

Butter – Postage Stamp

Salad Dressing - 1 oz Shot Glass

Brown Rice – Baseball

Peanut Butter – Golf ball

Beans - Light Bulb

Dark Chocolate - Dental Floss

Canned Fruit – ½ Baseball

Milk or yogurt – Adult Fist

Dried fruit – Golf Ball