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Chinese Language School of Connecticut

PO Box 515
Riverside, CO 06878
(866) 301-4906
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Chinese Language School of Connecticut

About Us

In May 2002, a group of parents decided to organize a new type of Chinese school for children of every background. Our vision was to create a school that children looked forward to attending every week--where they could learn practical communication skills, develop a life-long appreciation for the Chinese language and culture, and build lasting friendships with their fellow students.

Our Mission

The Chinese Language School of Connecticut teaches Mandarin Chinese as a second language to children ages 18 months and up. Our activity-based curriculum enables students to acquire practical communication skills, develop competence and confidence, and experience the joy of learning another language.

Through early exposure to Chinese, the school seeks to provide students with a foundation for future learning and cultivate their long term interest in the language, culture and traditions of China.

Our Approach:

Our units of study on activities related to daily life are age-appropriate, practical and relevant.

Native speaking teachers combine discussion-based classroom instruction with experiential activities to engage students.

Enrichment units on culture, history and traditions supplement language instruction.

CLSC seeks to create an environment where students enjoy the process of learning

We believe that the learning of Chinese should, like any other after school activity, be interesting, useful, enjoyable, and fulfilling.

Our school is open to everyone. You don't need to be a native Chinese speaker, have Chinese Parents or be of Chinese heritage to attend. Our student body includes kids of both Asian and non-Asian descent.

To keep class size small, enrollment will be limited. We try to keep each class to about 12 students; in some cases the total may reach 14 or 15, but we never have more than 15 in a class. In all of the larger classes (12-15 students), too, there are at least one teacher and teaching assistant (if not more). Chopstix classes are never more than 12 students.

CLSC strives to maintain a 1:7 or 1:8 teacher/student ratio in every class to maximize each student's learning.

However all kids are welcome to apply. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, color, gender, creed, religion or financial ability. Scholarships are available for parents who need it.

Our decision for admission is based upon the appropriateness of our school to the child, availability of space, and the commitment and availability of the parent to take an active role in the school or serve on one of our committees.

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